Freemasonry does not solicit members. Masons may tell their friends what Masonry does, its values, why we enjoy it, invite them to visit the Lodge once, but that will be as far as they will go.
A primary condition is that a petitioner must come from "his own free will and accord". Another, is that he should not be motivated by any potential material gain from his becoming a Mason.

Once you decide you want to be a Mason, you will have to follow the three steps described below:

Essential qualifications for acceptance are being a man, belief in a Supreme Being, being 18 years of age or older and of good repute, moral character and with no criminal record of any kind.

Step 1 - Petition antd Endorsemen

To become a Freemason, you must first submit a "Petition" (an application). However, you are encouraged to attend a few meetings before doing so. Attend our dinners and open events listed on our calendar and make sure we are the kind of people you would want to have as Brothers.
Once you decide to fill out your Petition, hand it, along with the applicable fee to the Lodge Secretary. You will also need to have at that time three Brothers, who deem you a worthy individual, endorse your Petition.

Step 2 - Investiggation & Ballotin

Before we can vote on your admittance into the Lodge, we must conduct a Masonic investigation. Upon submission of your Petition, the Lodge will assign three Brothers who will contact you and setup a time to meet you at your home and further discuss your interest in Freemasonry and the Village Lodge; this will also be an opportunity for you to ask any further questions you may have regarding Freemasonry, our Lodge or the process of initiation.
After your investigation, these Brothers will report their findings to the Lodge and a secret ballot on your Petition will be taken. The secret ballot is an ancient Masonic custom and the vote must be unanimous.

Step 3 - Initiation & Instruction

If you are elected to join our Lodge, you will be notified by the Lodge Secretary and informed of the time and day of your initiation. Your attendance on this assigned date is required. You are to arrive alone and dressed in a suit and tie. You will not need to prepare for this ceremony or bring anything with you.
Once initiated and becoming an Entered Apprentice, you will be assigned a mentor and a coach who will assist you throughout the rest of your journey.